Kevin A. Bartchlett


I am an outgoing, driven and passionate student studying Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University.
Self Motivated
Hard Worker
Team Oriented


As a student, it is difficult to stand out with excellent school work because everyone else is taking the same classes you are. Because of this, I like to focus my efforts toward meaningful projects and opportunities outside of the classroom. In high school, I started learning code by building websites and mobile applications all while getting hands-on experience mechanically by rebuilding my 1950 Chevy. Now in college, I spend my free time working on small electronic projects such as building a drone from scratch and working with IoT devices on RC cars. I'm constantly working on projects so feel free to ask me what I'm working on.


The goal of this website is to showcase my resume and provide possible employers information about my abilities, my experiences, and generally who I am as a person. As a sophomore transfer student from Carnegie Mellon to The Ohio State University, I am looking for summer internships and possible Fall or Spring co-op opportunities. I am highly interested in pursuing summer internships in the aerospace/aviation industry or generally focusing on small electronics and computers. At a turning point of my life's journey, I look to find the opportunity that directs me toward a more specific electrical engineering field whether that be at the forefront of development in electronic hardware or helping to engineer the first spacecraft to reach Mars. I am open to any and all locations across the globe as I believe it's necessary to explore all possibilities. Ultimately, I aim to find the next stepping stone in the beginning of my successful career.